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Pennsylvania Alliance for Arts Education
and New Jersey Shore Arts Association Inc.

Educational CyberPlayGround Partners support the Site Mission Statement and actively promote the the Arts, Technology, and Literacy using the National Children's Folksong Repository.

PA Alliance for Arts Education Executive Director John Broomall was the first one to develop K-12 standards for folklfe education which was used in Pennsylvania. For More Information about the National Children's Folksong Repository

John Broomall Pennsylvania Alliance for Arts Education

Contact: John Broomall
Pennsylvania Alliance for Arts Education
[e] PAAE at aol dot com
The Pennsylvania Alliance for Arts Education was founded in 1973 to coordinate statewide arts education organizations; in 1982 it was reorganized as a privately and publicly funded arts advocacy organization.
Arts In Education Partnership

State Arts Action Network The Joining Force for Statewide Arts Advocacy Organizations



Amy Sosnov Esq.

Amy Sosnov Esq.
47 North Tallahassee Ave.
Atlantic City NJ. 08401

[P] 610-279-8700
[Art Center] 609-345-0899
[E] "a.w.s."  [ at  ] see press release

Barnes Foundation Program Committee
@the_barnes 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia, PA 19130 Phone: 215.278.7000
Director Schultz Hill Foundation 1616 Pacific Avenue, Atlantic City New Jersey 08401 | Phone: 609.347.1616
Director / Founder / President The New Jersey Shore Arts Association, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) 3 arts education organization dedicated to bringing the arts to the community and the community to the arts.

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